Your Value Does Not Change


I was sitting in my car, waiting to pull out of the parking lot and head home. I was frustrated. With myself. I had been walking down the hall when I overheard a couple people gossiping. It stopped me in my tracks when I realized they were talking about me. Why, oh why, did I have to let myself be affected so much when I overheard someone saying negative things about me?

It would send me down into a pit of despair regarding my self-worth. Why did it affect me so? Especially when I felt on top the world when other people told me how great they thought I was.

Then it hit me. I was the same person when I overheard someone saying negative things about me as I was when people told me how great they thought I was. My value didn’t change. It didn’t matter what someone said or thought, good or bad, exaggerated or not, my value stayed the same.

Take that a step further. What if it’s not just gossip? What if that person’s negative opinion of me comes out in how they treat me: ignoring me, barely civil when they have to be, etc. Compare that to someone else who views me in a positive light: lighting up with a smile, including me, etc. Those interactions could affect how I feel. But, neither type of interaction affects my value.

Remember, no matter how people view you at work, home, school, church….anywhere….that does not change the fact that you have intrinsic value. Your value stays the same. And, once you realize that, it’s much easier to keep moving forward.

So keep moving forward. Embrace your value. Reach your potential. And make a difference in the lives of those around you.

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