Your Perception Affects How Others Perceive You


Have you ever had a startling realization about how your perception of yourself affects other people’s perception of you?

A few years ago I was part of a group that was discussing pet peeves. Some of the common ones were mentioned: people snapping gum, not turning their blinker on, cutting people off, etc. Then someone mentioned their pet peeve was people who would not look you in the eye when they’re passing you in the hall. They thought it was very rude and meant those people saw themselves as better than them.

That completely threw me. I was one of those people that didn’t look people in the eye. But it was for a very opposite reason: I thought I was worthless. I thought I was not good enough to have the audacity to presume that I could rise to the level of looking that person in the eye, especially if that person seemed to have it all together.

So while I was moving through my world of inferiority, trying to not be presumptuous, there were people who were interpreting what I was doing completely opposite of what it actually was. And, it cost me some potential friendships.

That is only one example of how viewing yourself with no worth can negatively affect you, those around you, situations, etc. How we view ourselves directly affects how others view us. Which, I believe, is a very strong reason to explore what makes us valuable and embrace it.

How is your view of yourself affecting how others perceive you?

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