What Words Make Up Your Identity?

What makes up your identity? How do you view yourself? How much does what others say about you affect your identity?

The words that used to make up my identity were very negative. They were untruths.

My pastor once told me that things lose their power when they are brought into the light. That can be taken a few different ways. But a couple years ago I took it quite literally. I printed a paper with four thoughts that had been running through my head, and taped it to the back of my door.

Some people would argue that one should only surround themselves with positives, to change a mindset. So what I did might seem counterproductive—That negative list was there every day for me to see. And I added to it, writing down the lies that would come to mind.


But something started changing. Seeing those negative thoughts and lies on paper helped me realize that’s exactly what they were: lies. And that I didn’t have to believe them. On top of that, once I wrote something down, it never entered my mind again.

I had taken my negative thoughts and lies, revealed them for what they really were by putting them down on paper, and let them go, taking away their power.

And that made me so happy! I felt so free. It was a huge step in helping me realize that I do have value. But it didn’t end there. Once the paper was filled up, I painted across it in red: Christ is in me. That is the primary reason I don’t have to listen to those negative thoughts. And, that is what truly identifies me.


Finally, I printed a second paper to hang on my door. This one contained messages of truth. I knew that by seeing this paper on a daily basis and dwelling on where my value and identity truly comes from, transforming the foundational aspect of my identity in my own mind would be complete.


Remember, what you are struggling with loses its power when you bring it into the light. Find a way to do that.

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