What is your true identity?


What is your true identity? Easter says you can finally claim your true identity. And your identity is this: You are loved. That is what my pastor shared Easter Sunday. He also addressed the lies we believe about our identity, which I will give my take on below. You can listen to the entire sermon here.

  • I am what I do.
  • I am what others say about me.
  • I am what I have.

I am what I do. No you’re not. You exist outside of your actions, what you choose to do. Too many people define themselves by their career or their role in another person’s life. And when they lose that career, when that role changes, they fall apart. That’s sad and unnecessary. Who you are, your identity, your value is still there.

I am what others say about me. No you’re not. Many times in life people say positive things about us, many times in life people say negative things about us. But we are still the same person either way. How else would you explain one person being able to say something positive about you and another person saying something negative about you at the same time? Don’t let what others say dictate how you view yourself.

I am what I have. No you’re not. The stuff you have does not define you because you could lose everything unexpectedly. But, that would not change who you are. It’s tempting to believe this lie when browsing social media and seeing everything that everyone has, at least what they’re willing to show off. You were born with nothing, you will take nothing with you when you die, so don’t let what you have in the meantime define who you are.

Don’t believe the lies. Letting yourself be defined by those lies, even just one, will set you up for disappointment, failure, and a bunch of other negative words. Because those things never stay the same. There’s fluctuation. There’s change. But your identity, your value, how much God values you and who you were created to be, does not change. Embrace your true identity: You are loved!

Have you ever listened to those lies? What happened? What has helped you to embrace the truth?

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