Overcoming Negative Messages


Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. There will be moments when I’m sitting down, thinking about what I need to get done next. And then my brain starts playing old tapes from my past: You’re not good enough, you can’t do this, what makes you think you can? Those messages lead to feelings of despair. And that’s exactly where Satan wants us to go.

If we get caught up in thinking that we’re not good enough, asking our selves why we’re even trying, then we will end up not doing something… Something we really could do, or something we should do.

What if listening to that kind of thinking causes you to never try something new, that you would absolutely love? What if it causes you to not encourage someone who needs it more than you know? What if it causes you to miss an opportunity at work? There are endless possibilities.

So what do you do, when those tapes start playing? How do you overcome the negativity and not listen to the messages that Satan wants you to hear?

There are three things that work for me:

Recognize what’s happening. It used to be that when those thoughts would enter my head, I focused on them. I treated them as if they were reality. I didn’t like them, but I allowed them to take up my time and energy, keeping me from other things. Now, I realize immediately that those thoughts are lies. They are not reality. And when I can recognize that, they start to lose their power.

Pray about it. Letting God know that I am struggling, takes away part if not all of the pressure those thoughts create. And, it helps to sometimes let someone else know that I would appreciate a prayer. Prayer is powerful.

Find something refreshing to do. In the past, I would try to deal with stress by relaxing. But that doesn’t really work for me. With the way I’m wired, it’s something “refreshing” that does the trick. This could be going outside and playing with the dog, going for an outdoor run, watching a motivational video on YouTube, reading an inspirational book, or simply doing something completely different than the project I had been working on. The key for me isn’t rest, but rather refocusing my energy on something fun, interesting, or that creates a sense of purpose or progress. That’s refreshing to me.

Once again, this goes back to how we’re uniquely wired. The examples I gave may not work for you. But you can try different things and find out what does work.

Remember, you are valuable. And if you let negative messages influence you, we may never get to see some of your amazing potential. Overcome those negative messages, live the life you were designed to!

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