No Birthday Celebrations?

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Someone once told me they didn’t like celebrating birthdays because they thought people had no value. And, in celebrating birthdays, we puff up the individual and make them think they’re more important than they really are.

Sure, one could overdo a birthday party. But really, the belief that birthdays shouldn’t even be celebrated because people have no value….How does one get to the point of believing that?

An easy answer might be their upbringing: relationships with family members, discipline, expectations, religion, etc. or lack thereof. A more fundamental answer: they have never truly grasped how God views (values) them.

Either answer brings us back around to the point I made in my video last Friday. “You can’t share what you don’t have.”

That person probably never felt valued at home, or does not understand their value through Christ. That is why they cannot see value in others. And, why they cannot see value in themselves.

How sad. Depending on our own upbringing, personality and perspective, we might be tempted to just label that person negatively. But they have value, just like everyone else.

Does a person like that affect how you view yourself? How would you show that person that they have value?

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