Finding Value in the Small & Unexpected

16.02.03 blogart

Last night I saw an act of love. An act showing someone that they have value.

My husband’s grandpa has been in and out of the hospital the past several days, and last night we made another trip out to see him. It was a pretty typical visit, in terms of going to see someone in the hospital: We sat next to his bed, asked him how he was feeling, listened to how his day went. He mentioned his legs hurt when he would try to lift them or stand.

At that point, my husband lifted the edge of the sheets, gently pulled off his grandpa’s socks, and began massaging his feet and lower legs. His grandpa sat there with eyes mostly shut and a calmer look on his face.

Who does that? My husband did because he loves his grandpa. He saw a way to temporarily make him feel better, to ease his pain. And that care, shows his grandpa that he is valued.

Sometimes it is the unexpected that shows people they are valued. My husband offering to massage his grandpa’s feet is not what I would consider normal for a hospital visit.

What is something unexpected that has happened in your life, that made you feel valued? What is something unexpected you could do, to show someone else that you value them?

Sometimes it is the small things that show people they are valued. My husband was not able to completely take away his grandpa’s pain, he didn’t spend a lot of money getting him something, we weren’t able to spend more than a couple hours with him. But what he did, says something about how much he values his grandpa.

What is something small that someone did for you, that made you feel valued? What is something that wouldn’t take much time or money, that you could do to make someone feel valued?

Showing value does not always equate to big, flashy presentations or gifts. It’s sometimes the smallest things that say the most.

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