Episode 017: You Have Value! with Tim Gay


Tim Gay and his wife have a blended family with seven kids, one an adopted teen girl. Tim has a background in business. He studied accounting, has his MBA, and seventeen of his last twenty plus years in business were spent at Sprint. He left two years ago and founded YOUTHrive, a nonprofit focused on supporting young adults aging out of foster care.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. Really good stuff here!

  • We’re all created in God’s image and have an inherent dignity because of who created us and our relationship with God
  • …it’s not about religion, it’s not about morality, it’s about having a relationship with God
  • …its not about accomplishments. It’s inherent, everyone has dignity and value because they’re created by God, and not because of their accomplishments
  • You start to see people for who they are….regardless of accomplishments, or wealth, or status, or privilege
  • If you choose to look for value in other people, and encourage them and care for them and love them, then naturally they will…find value in you
  • Through your relationships with God and others, you start to experience joy, peace, contentment

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