Episode 016: You Have Value! with Ashley McCauley


Ashley McCauley has been married to her husband Ben for three years, and they have a seventeen month old son that loves to climb. Ashley graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, with a degree in communications and Biblical studies. Her background is in marketing and editing, in the book publishing and faith based/nonprofit world. Currently, Ashley is a stay at home mom and enjoys reading, writing, hiking and asking why—why people and things work the way they do. Check out Ashley’s blog at https://ashleybmccauley.wordpress.com

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. Some deep stuff!

  • I feel like I always need to be working or doing something to retain…value
  • It’s all dependent on what God says, not what other people are saying or thinking, or what I’m thinking they’re thinking
  • Understanding value better now, allows me to give myself grace
  • Value…it’s a gift that’s given. People have value because God’s given it
  • People who don’t believe they’re valuable are very fragile
  • Someone who believes they have value, you can tell that they live out of their fullness
  • Living in the truth just brings freedom

Verses Referenced:

Genesis 1:27

Genesis 16

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