Episode 015: You Have Value! with Drew Speicher


Drew Speicher just turned 40 yesterday! He has been married to his lovely wife for eighteen years, has an eleven year old daughter, and an eight year old son. Drew grew up in upstate New York, went to high school in Nebraska, and college in the Kansas City area. He went to law school at Drake University, and has been a lawyer for about fifteen years. He is also heavily involved in his church.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. Only a few of many!

  • There’s a difference between having value and being valuable…any individual word can express a different meaning than a word that may seem similar
  • I’m willing to serve and to give and to offer love and support, regardless of whether I ever get anything in response or in exchange for that or not
  • The way you look somebody in the eye and the way you’re willing to treat them…goes a long way in helping that person understand that they have value
  • Dignity…there’s something almost regal about who we are as individuals
  • Value becomes dignity, and then dignity becomes all kinds of wonderful things that produce great works and great value in others
  • (value) provides a different type of motivation that allows me to do things that I probably wouldn’t otherwise try, for either fear of failure or fear of rejection or fear of inadequacy
  • Anyone who grasps that sense of personal value, is now much more likely to be able to accomplish whatever it is they were designed to accomplish

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