Episode 014: You Have Value! with LaKresha Graham


LaKresha Graham grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, a middle child with two brothers. According to her this equated to having issues all around: middle child, only girl. She has been involved in BSF leadership, and is an assistant professor at Rockhurst University.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. We covered great material!

  • …the world has lots of ways of making you feel inadequate, insignificant, value-less or less valued than others
  • I can’t rely on other people to tell me that I’m worth something. It’s something that I have to affirm first through God and then also with myself
  • You can establish…healthy boundaries with other people, because you’re worth those boundaries
  • When you say yes to something…you’re saying no to something else. What do you want to say yes to?
  • God has me here, being who I am, doing what I do, for a reason, and that’s where my value comes from
  • I shouldn’t really pursue perfection, I really should pursue awesomeness
  • If everyone could live life with the value that they have, this world could be such a great place

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