Episode 012: You Have Value! with Tori


Tori is a creative who loves to write, sing and dance. She loves spending time with her family, is best friends with her sister, is a student and loves learning about God.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. Such great stories!

  • I love you forever no matter what, you can never do anything to change my love for you
  • Apart from anything I can do, anything I could even say, or…how well I think, how well I articulate my words, I’m still valuable
  • It doesn’t even matter if you have people around you, because the fact remains, you still are valuable, no matter what
  • If I didn’t have Christ, if I didn’t have my family, where would I be? I don’t know if I’d still be here
  • If you know how much you’re loved, you’re not afraid of what other people think
  • Life is more fun…when you know how much you’re loved

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