Episode 011: You Have Value! with Nate Medhurst


Nate Medhurst works in the HR department at an advertising company. He is involved in BSF leadership and helps with his church youth group. Nate loves people. He also loves sports, including Sporting Kansas City and the Jayhawks.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. And this was a good one!

  • Your motivations are often directly tied to that…if you don’t feel like you have value, then you  might not try as hard at something…
  • You do have value, you’re loved by God, you’ve been designed a specific way, you’ve been given specific gifts to do great things in this world
  • Your heart beats a little faster and…it’s easier to get up in the morning if you’re really excited about what you’re doing and you feel like you’re doing a good thing
  • We are all given different gifts…and that enables us to really serve in a way that makes the most sense
  • Just the fact that someone spends time with someone else means that they think that they have value
  • Someone who believes that they have value can really do just about whatever they set their mind to
  • If they believe that they have value, they would take the effort to try something daring or to try something unusual

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