Episode 005: You Have Value! with Brian Hupe


Brian Hupe is a sales manager in Garmin’s aviation department, has been married to his wife Katy for twelve years, and they have three boys. He is very involved in his church, likes to go on hiking trips, and is building a small airplane in his garage.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. Way too many to list here!

  • I think God had a plan: He wanted me to realize that I could just be me
  • No matter how I might fail by worldly standards, I know that God still loves me
  • The people that see you in your rawest form…still care enough to help you, have no ulterior motive
  • For somebody to be willing to take their time…they’re telling the other person that they do value them
  • When you don’t value yourself, it’s very difficult to face day to day life
  • Seeing the value in yourself and the value of your life, makes you want to live it
  • You have to be willing, to move forward. It’s easy to get stuck

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