Episode 004: You Have Value! with Mary Beth Pappas


Mary Beth (Rose) Pappas is a personal banker, who has been married for thirty-eight years, and has three children and three grandsons. I know her through Toastmasters, and have heard many inspiring stories through the speeches she’s shared.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. And we went pretty deep!

  • You really don’t really know you’re living wrong until you really have a major born again or conversion experience, and get into the word of God
  • There is no sin too big that God cannot forgive you for
  • When someone is telling you that you’re nothing and nobody, you tend to think you have no value
  • You are no small thing to God, and he can…turn you into exactly what he designed you to be
  • No one can kill your soul and your spirit
  • The greatest gift….is that gift of repentance, and being able to forgive others. And then also being able to forgive yourself

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2 thoughts on “Episode 004: You Have Value! with Mary Beth Pappas

  1. Thank you Laura for inviting me to experience a pod cast with you!!! A true joy to talk about Value!!!! I would invite everyone to answer the same questions for themselves. No one had ever asked me what gives a person value. I keep thinking about it and reflecting on the “Lord’s reflecting light” and pray for each individual to see themselves in “His light!!!!”

    1. Thank YOU, Rose! For being willing to come out and talk about people having value, and sharing your family stories. I learn from each person who comes on the podcast, so thank you for contributing to my own learning journey! 🙂

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