Episode 002: You Have Value! with Adrienne Warren



Adrienne Warren is a counselor at a boy’s home and works with social workers. She loves her job, but also makes time for life outside work. This includes knitting, playing with her Boston terrier, Nibbler, and spending time with those she loves. She has been married to her husband Josh for five and a half years.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. Can’t list them all!

  • Those people who do feel like they have value, they’re going…to stand firmly
  • I don’t think you can really feel empathetic towards someone else if no one’s felt empathic towards you
  • When people feel that they’re valued, they’re going to share more with others, they’re going to be kinder to other people
  • Giving your body value is another part of giving yourself value
  • Jesus had a range of emotions
  • If you have value, then what you feel is real

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