Episode 001: You Have Value! with John Marra

Marra, John

John Marra is pastor of a growing church, is married to Pam and has three children: Andrew, Abby and Alex. He has a masters in counseling, and his passion is connecting people and building relationships. He is also a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and has a golden retriever.

Some of my favorite quotes from this episode. And there are so many more!

  • Memories that you have of value are certainly some of the most powerful
  • My mom really didn’t care about how much I achieved
  • A person’s worth and value comes from understanding what God thinks about them
  • “What do people think about me” is often how people judge their value
  • There’s no such thing as marriage problems, it’s only two people who have problems, who now happen to be married
  • Would’ve walked through fire for him

Verses Referenced:

Jeremiah 29:11

Luke 12:7

Matthew 22:37-39

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