Do You Believe?

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Do you believe you have value? What does that even mean? Is it possible to understand fully?

What happens when we don’t believe we have value? Can we keep ourselves from achieving? Can we keep ourselves from making a difference?

What difference does it make if we do believe we have value? Can we achieve what we dream, more than we dream? Can we make a life-changing and long-lasting difference in others’ lives?

Those are the questions this website has been designed to explore. Those are the questions I believe are essential in fundamentally setting us up for success or failure, for healthy or unhealthy relationships, for a sense of purpose or lack thereof.

How you understand and embrace your own self worth will greatly impact the path your life takes. And, it’s not just about understanding. It’s about embracing your value.

Has anyone ever told you about something negative that happened to them, and then went on to exclaim, “But I’m not going to let it affect me!”? And then for the next couple hours, the rest of the day, or longer, their mood—what they said and did—was clearly affected?

That person “knew” they shouldn’t let what happened affect them. They understood nothing positive would come from it. But even though they had that head knowledge, their words and actions told otherwise.

You might know that you have value. You might understand that you have value. But does the way you think, talk, behave—the way you live your life—show that you’ve embraced that truth?

I would love to know how you define value, or what questions you have. Please leave a comment!

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