Defining: Value Through God


You have value because God created you. We may be impressed by, and ooh and ah over a fine painting or a structural engineering feat, because of the talent of the designer and their celebrated reputation. But you have been created by the designer, the one who creates designers. You are valuable because you were created by the greatest designer there every was and ever will be.

You have value because God loves you. You can tell when an adult or child values something or someone, by how they talk and behave, by a display of their love. How much more does God love you, with his unconditional love. How much more does God value you.

You have value because God paid for you. Now why would the all-powerful God leave his throne, come as a baby—the most helpless form— and willingly go through a torturous death? Because that is what he deemed you to be worth. He named and paid your price.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines value a few different ways, including:

  • to make a judgment about the amount of money that something is worth
  • to think that (someone or something) is important

Think of those definitions in context of God valuing you:

  • God’s judgement of what you’re worth
  • that he thinks you’re important.

If God states so clearly that you are valued, who can argue with that?

Have you thought before about how much value you have because of God? God has made quite the statement about you.

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