Community Is Important


No matter what you say or do, how many friends you have, what others think of you, you still have value.


It’s still important to find community. What is community? You can find the various Merriam-Webster definitions here. For the purposes of this post, I will define community as: People who share similar interests, goals, and values, including valuing each other.

Why is it important to find community? Because people who care about us remind us that we have value, encourage us, and help us grow. We can do a number of things on our own, but will grow exponentially more, and have more confidence in who we are, with the right community.

Where do we find a community like this? There is no magic number of people who make up a community, it could be just a few or many. Which means you might find community among those you work with, go to church with, share hobbies with, etc. Or, it could be a group of people from different aspects of your life, who don’t actually know each other but are all cheering you on.

Be part of the community. Finding community is a great way to find support, but that’s not all. It’s a means to give support too. When you’re part of a community, take advantage of opportunities to let others know how much you value them. Be encouraging. Help others grow. Make a difference.

Are you part of an encouraging community? What’s the ideal community for you?

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