I love figuring out how to communicate the complex simply, and making a difference!

Content Writing & Editing

Writing and editing give me the greatest joy in life, specifically taking the complex and communicating it simply. I have been blogging since 2011, podcasting since October 2015, and editing content since 2010, including newsletter articles, blog posts, letters, invitations, and books. Contact me about any content writing or editing projects.

You Have Value! Podcast

This podcast is one of the ways I exercise my love for communicating truth. I believe everyone has intrinsic value. I didn’t always believe that—I use to believe that I had no value. That belief held me back, in relationships, in trying new things, in learning my strengths, interests, and who I was. Once I embraced the fact that I had value, my world began to change, completely. I want to share that life-changing truth with others. Imagine what kind of difference we could all make if we embraced the fact that we each have value!